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Sadie Lanthier

Practice Manager
Sadie started working with the Strathmore and Langdon Veterinary clinics in February 2019, but was a client prior. Previously having 8 years of management experience, she is pleased to bring that experience here to Langdon. She has two cats, Gracie and Lily and she hopes to add more pets in the future. If you asked Sadie why she chose to pursue a career with the Strathmore and Langdon veterinary clinics she would tell you that it is due to her desire to be part of the team that has been providing such amazing and compassionate care for her own pets throughout their years, her passion for medicine, and love for animals. Her favourite part of her position is working in a small town with a clientele like no other. Outside of the clinic Sadie can be found outdoors, reading a good book, or trying a new recipe.