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Behavioural Counselling

Disruptive or odd behaviours in your pets don’t have to be lifelong issues. Owning a pet with behaviour issues can make you feel helpless, fearful and even embarrassed at times. At Langdon Veterinary Clinic, we offer behavioural counselling to train your furry friends. With the medical and behavioural treatments we provide, we can help your pet become easier to handle, so that they may eventually no longer display their disruptive behaviours.

When do veterinarians recommend behavioural counselling?

Behavioural counselling may be recommended for your pet if their strange behaviours pose a threat to other pets, humans and themselves. The actions or habits your pet is exhibiting may be due to pain they are experiencing. This is why you should have your pet assessed ASAP to rule out injuries or illnesses. To find out if behavioural counselling may be right for your pet, book an appointment at 403.936.4571.

What are signs that my pet may need behavioural counselling?

The quirky behaviours your loyal companion exhibits stem from them being anxious, aggressive or annoyed. When your pet experiences any of those emotions they may:

1. Hide
2. Pant, pace or whine
3. Bark excessively
4. Lick themselves constantly until their fur comes off
5. Urinate or defecate inside the house or outside their litter box
6. Destroy furniture
7. Lose their appetite

What happens during behavioural counselling for pets?

The first session is for our team to understand what behavioural problems your pet is displaying. Based on the information owners provide we create a behaviour training plan for your pet while considering their lifestyle or any pre-existing health conditions. After each session, we follow-up on the progress or make small changes to the behaviour modification plan if needed.

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