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Bloodwork Services for Pets

Blood tests are beneficial to all pets, from the healthy, to the sick, or young and old. Bloodwork is used to diagnose your pet as most illnesses or conditions are difficult to detect without it. At our clinic, we have a complete in-house laboratory which allows us to process results immediately.

Why would a veterinarian recommend bloodwork for my pet?

When most people think about blood tests they associate it with diagnosing an illness. This is only one of the main uses of bloodwork. Some illnesses can’t be identified or properly diagnosed through physical examination because there are no signs in the early stages. Other reasons why your pet may need bloodwork done are:

  • To identify your pet’s baseline health. For future comparison it is helpful to know what your pet’s normal blood levels are.
  • To determine if your pet is a good candidate for surgery. Lab work tells our veterinarians if your pet will recover from surgery.

    How is blood drawn from my pet?

    The process of taking blood samples in pets is similar to taking blood in humans. Our technologist inserts a small need in the vein on their neck or leg to draw blood. It takes less than a minute to complete and with our in-house lab we can process results much faster. To schedule an appointment for your pet please call 403.936.4571.

    Does my pet feel pain when their blood sample is taken?

    Most pets feel no pain when their blood sample is taken. The procedure is performed expertly by our technologists and our patients don’t require any sedation.