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Dermatology Services for Pets

Your furry pal’s skin and fur play a big role in keeping them warm and healthy. Some illnesses may manifest themselves through your pet’s skin or fur and this can be alarming for owners. At Langdon Veterinary Clinic we specialize in diagnosing and treating skin disorders in pets. When your pet is having skin issues from pests, illnesses, allergies or infections you can confidently bring them to us and have their condition remedied. Call us at 403.936.4571 to schedule your next appointment.

What are some signs that my pet has skin disorders?

Skin issues may present themselves in different ways. The following signs need to be evaluated by a veterinarian:

1. Thinning fur and dull coat
2. Bald patches
3. Dandruff
4. Lumps and rashes
5. Excessive scratching and licking
6. Skin sores
7. Body odour

What is causing my pet to have dermatological issues?

Some pets have skin disorders due to allergies from foods or even dust molds. Parasites such as fleas, ticks and ringworms are common reasons why some pets have skin issues. To protect your pet from parasitic infections you should have them vaccinated. Your pets may also be suffering from dermatitis, yeast infections or even skin tumours.

How are skin issues in pets treated?

The treatment that our veterinarians recommend varies according to each pet. We take into consideration your pet’s overall health, age, breed and lifestyle when treating their dermatological issues. The treatments we recommend may include topical ointments, antibiotics, medicated shampoos or antifungals. We strongly recommend against DIY projects to cure skin issues as they may cause even more harm.