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Deworming Services for Pets

Preventing worms in your furry pal is an important component to keeping them healthy. A worm infestation can cause health problems for your pet and everyone else in the household. To reduce the risk of worms spreading in your home your loyal companion should be dewormed. To learn more about the deworming services offered at our clinic call 403.936.4571.

What are common worms found in pets?

Common worms that infect pets include:

  • Whipworm
  • Ringworm
  • Tapeworm
  • Heartworm
  • Roundworm

    If my pet has worms, what signs can I look out for?

    By paying close attention to your companion pet you will notice different changes. The most common signs include: bloody stool, weight loss, constant coughing, vomiting, difficulty breathing and constipation.

    How are worms diagnosed in my pet?

    To identify worms a veterinarian will use a microscope to examine your pet’s stool. If your pet has worms the eggs will show in their waste. When testing for heartworms our team will run blood tests to diagnose your pet. If your pet has tapeworms, it will be easier to identify with the naked eye.

    How are worms treated in pets?

    The treatment method that is recommended is dependent on the type of worm your pet has. Even though deworming treatments are available for purchase over-the-counter, they should only be administered after your pet is examined and diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian. Deworming treatments are available in skin creams, tablets, liquids and injections.

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