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Microchipping for Pets

Microchipping is a great form of security for both cats and dogs. You can never predict when your pet will wander off through an open gate or break away from their leash at the park, never to return. Without a microchip your pet could become a stray and possibly adopted into a new family. When a microchip is implanted in your pet, it significantly lessens the possibility of being permanently separated from them.

How do pet microchips work?

Many people believe that microchips work like GPS and can tell the current location of pets. This is not true. A microchip is a small computer chip that has a barcode number connected to a database. When the chip is implanted in the scruff or back-neck area of the pet, the owner, with the help of a veterinarian, uploads their contact information in the system. When the area where the chip is implanted is scanned, it reads the barcode which is linked to the owner’s information. From there, the veterinary hospital or shelter where your pet was scanned will reach out to you about your pet being found. To schedule an appointment for your furry pal call us at 403.936.4571.

How are microchips different from ID tags?

ID tags and microchips work better when used together. They perform the same tasks but microchips are a permanent secondary form of security. This means that unlike ID tags, a microchip will never get lost or need replacements as it is not battery operated or on the outside of their body.

Is microchipping painful for my pet?

No, not at all. The needle used to implant microchips is very small and feels like a pinch to your loyal companion. It’s similar to getting regular vaccines and doesn’t require sedation.

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