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Senior Care for Pets

The golden years for your pet will really change their behaviour and affect their well-being. With regular checkups, your senior pet can have a good quality of life and live for many long years. At Langdon Veterinary Clinic, we are experienced in providing special care for senior pets. We’ve seen and treated just about all the health concerns that older pets are prone to experiencing. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any concerns at all about your older pet’s health and wellness.

When is my pet considered a senior?

Senior status varies for each pet, but generally pets 7 years and older are considered seniors. 7-year-old can look very different for cats and dogs. Dogs who are 7-years-old are around 47-years-old in human years, whereas cats at the same stage are considered 54-years-old. You should always speak with your veterinarian to determine what level of seniority your pet is in.

What are signs that my pet is getting older?

  • Weight loss or gain
  • Greying around the muzzle
  • Hearing problems
  • Loss of appetite
  • Less energy
  • Increase or decrease in drinking or urinating

    How can I care for my senior pet?

    The best way to care for senior pets is to find new ways to accommodate and adjust to their aging bodies. Having a veterinarian assess their well-being every year helps you provide them with better care. Through regular exams you can figure out what your furry friend is lacking in their diet and prevent health issues that can become life-threatening. If we detect an underlying condition, we will provide treatment before it advances. With regular checkups we can recommend special diets, exercises or new accommodations at home that will lessen the effects of seniority. To learn more about how you can care for your senior pet, call 403.936.4571.

    What are some health issues common in senior pets?

    Having lived for so long, senior pets’ bodies are more worn down. This means they are more likely to develop illnesses, which is why they should have regular checkups. Some common illnesses that senior pets develop are:

    1. Cognitive dysfunction (Alzheimer’s disease)
    2. Diabetes
    3. Arthritis
    4. Cancer
    5. Hormone disorder
    6. Kidney, heart and liver problems

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