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Surgical Services for Pets

Surgery for your pet sounds terrifying. But no need to worry – veterinary medicine has advanced just as much as human medicine. The same treatment you would expect at a human hospital is given to your loyal companion. At Langdon Veterinary Clinic, we make every effort to ensure your pet receives the best care. During each procedure we have our registered veterinary technologist closely monitoring your pet’s heart rate, carbon dioxide levels, tissue oxygen percentage, heart rate and blood pressure. We also place your pet on intravenous (IV) fluids that maintain their blood pressure and encourage liver and kidney function. To learn more about how we care for your pet during and after surgery call us at 403.936.4571

What happens before surgery?

We take all necessary precautions for your pet before every procedure. Before any surgery is performed our team runs blood tests to determine how well the patient will recover. The blood test tells our team about your pet’s liver and kidney function which is important as those organs determine the safe amount of anesthesia or sedative for them. The blood tests also show blood count levels which can identify underlying health issues such as anemia.

What surgeries are performed at your clinic?

1. Spay and neuter
2. Foreign body removal
3. Bladder stone removal
4. Orthopedic
5. Soft tissue

How do I care for my pet after a procedure?

Post-operative care is very important in supporting your pet’s recovery. Our team is very involved in this process as we want to see your pet back to their healthy happy self. After each surgery we offer pain management medication to administer at home. Our staff will explain the medication instructions and any effects or symptoms to be aware of. You can also make it easier for them to eat by putting their feeding bowl closer or just make their beds more comfortable. If you have questions or concerns about your pet’s recovery we encourage you to call us.

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