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Veterinary Exam

Routine veterinary exams are critical to maintaining your pets’ health. Your loyal companion is unable to verbally tell you when they are feeling sick. Sometimes some diseases don’t present any symptoms until they are more difficult to treat and have progressed into serious stages. Full body exams with additional tests can provide peace of mind that your pet is healthy.

What happens during a veterinary exam?

Veterinary exams are the same as doctor checkups, all aspects of your pet’s health are examined. We usually begin with weighing your pet and taking their temperature. A physical examination of your pet’s body is done to locate any lumps and bumps. All changes on the external body are documented to see your pet’s growth. The exam also includes blood tests and imaging testing may be done. From the results we will discuss possible treatments, vaccines or parasite prevention medication.

How often should my pet have a veterinary exam?

The average pet should have one veterinary exam every year. Pets age much faster than humans in one year and annual exams catch health issues and prevent them from becoming worse. Senior pets need a minimum of two veterinary checkups each year and puppies/kittens need approximately three visits. To schedule a veterinary exam for your pet call 403.936.4571.