Good oral and dental hygiene is important in maintaining your pet’s health.  Regular teeth and gum care can significantly extend your pet’s life.

Dental Care

Because of the importance of oral and dental hygiene, your dog or cat is thoroughly checked for proper bite, signs of jaw injury, abscesses, fractured teeth, enamel damage, tartar and calculus buildup during each regular wellness exam.

When dental treatments are required, your pet is placed under general anesthesia and given intravenous fluids.  Before undergoing these procedures, we take necessary precautions for the safety of your pet.  This includes performing a complete physical exam as well as analyzing blood samples to determine if your pet is well enough to undergo the general anesthesia.

During any dental procedure, a veterinarian and veterinary technician attend to your pet to provide the highest standard of care.  Your pet’s blood pressure, oxygen, CO2 levels, temperature and heart rate are continuously monitored.  Additionally, we keep your pet warm throughout the procedure and administer analgesic and nerve block medications to ensure your pet’s comfort.

Regular pet dental care can help you and your pet avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort from unhealthy dental conditions.