Our priority is keeping cats and dogs in great shape. A routine wellness examination is critical to sustaining a pet’s health.

Wellness Exam

Wellness ExamAs part of a routine wellness exam, we assess your pet’s overall health by thoroughly examining your pet from nose to tail and from ear to ear.  This includes blood work and oral examinations.

To assure highest quality of ongoing care, we routinely take blood samples to establish what is normal for your pet.  By knowing your pet’s normal condition, we can quickly diagnose arising health concerns should your pet exhibit illness symptoms.  Quickly identifying the source of health concerns is key to preventing serious illness and maintaining your pet’s good health.

Oral examinations are routinely included as part of a wellness exam.  A pet’s oral health is a significant contributor to his or her overall health.  Simple changes to the colour of your pet’s gums can be a reliable indicator of arising health issues.  At Langdon Veterinary Clinic, we don’t let these simple symptoms go unnoticed.